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A variable that can greatly impact patient care is call light response time. The time that it takes to answer a call light can vary greatly based upon a variety of factors however it can have direct impact upon the care a patient receives. A survey was conducted by Huey-Ming Tzeng looking at call light response times in a variety of settings. This was survey was conducted by reaching out to former patients of which 808 replied to the survey. From the data received from this survey one can state the confidence interval for call light response time. A 95% confidence interval for mean call light response time is 3.36 minutes and 3.76 minutes.

While this data is important in providing quality care, it does not show a true picture of call light response time. What can and does skew this variable is the person that answers the call light. The patient may be medications or want to ask the nurse a question regarding their treatment, so if a CNA were to answer the call light the need of the patient is not being met. The call light may have been answered but the reason for the call light was not resolved which would require longer wait times to find the appropriate staff. So while call light response time is a good variable, it does not tell the whole picture on patients getting their needs met.


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