a one page response paper


Watch this brief clip from the Colbert Report (RIP):

  • http://www.cc.com/video-clips/gdbreq/the-colbert-report-turing-test-breakthrough

Read the following article from Wired:

  • “That Computer Actually Got an F on the Turing Test”

Then have a conversation with a Loebner Prize winning chatbot.

  • https://aisb.org.uk/

Attempt a brief conversation with the chatbot of your choice (example www.mitsuku.com). Print the transcript of your conversation (if it will only let you print a partial transcript, that’s fine). Then write a one page response paper (typed, doubled spaced) in which you assess the chatbot’s abilities to understand your conversation and why it passes or fails Turing’s test. What answers to your questions gave it away as a machine? What answers, if any, seemed human? Why? Relate your experience to the article from Wired and the other assigned readings. Why do the authors of the Wired article claim that the machine in question did not actually pass the Turing Test? What problems with the Turing Test are articulated? What test or tests are suggested as a revision to the Turing Test?


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