autism chapter 5 assignment

This assignment is based in Chapter 5. While there is no minimum length requirement, be sure to thoroughly answer each item. Complete and submit this assignment to the corresponding link via Assessments-Assignments on or before the due date to receive credit.

Answer each of the following:

1) Estimates on the prevalence of autism continue to rise. In fact, in April 2018 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that in just 2 years there was a 15% increase in the prevalence of autism from 1 in 68 to 1 in 59. Describe reasons for this increase in prevalence AND provide possible reasons that this increase may be more apparent than real. For additional information on the prevalence of autism:…

2) What evidence and arguments are there for the suggestion that ASD in females is under-diagnosed? If not under-diagnosed, how might the different distributions of males and females across the spectrum be explained? In other words, what accounts for the gender distribution of 4:1 males to females?

3) Describe the development of “early onset autism.” What differences and/or changes would one expect from birth through adolescence. The following webpage illustrates the neurotypical developmental milestones…be sure to access the links on the right hand side to compare and contrast these “typical” milestones with what may be more typical for individuals with autism.…

4) Explain why people with ASD have a shorter life expectancy than individuals in the general population. Provide some suggestions for what could be done to increase life expectancy. For additional information on this topic, you’re encouraged to review the following special report by autism speaks on Autism and Health:…


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