business statistics 88

Please complete the following questions from the textbook to the best of your abilities. Complete the questions in an Excel Workbook—one question per worksheet—and save it as the xlsx file. There may be data files associated with the questions asked,it will be attached below as “DATA” files, check for the question and what chapter its in.


Chapter 2 Exercises

  • Question 36
  • Question 39
  • Question 40

Chapter 3 Exercises

  • Question 4
  • Question 5
  • Question 6
  • Question 7
  • Question 8
  • Question 13
  • Question 27
  • Question 31
  • Question 32
  • Question 34
  • Question 50 excluding (c)
  • Question 53 excluding (c)
  • Question 55
  • Question 57

Chapter 14 Exercises

  • Question 4
  • Question 7

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username : and the passsword : Bachubachi3600


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