censorship in egypt

For ages the issue of censorship being necessary and essential or not has been questioned. Censorship could be rewarding sometimes but in Egypt censorship has exceeded all limits. It exists in all aspects of every citizen’s life, and has therefore become a burden instead of a helpful aspect. Media, Freedom of speech and Election restrictions are all just a few examples of the extreme censorship occurring here in Egypt. Some people, although only a few, think censorship is rewarding because it protects the children and younger citizens from the harms of listening and hearing to sinister things.

Personally, I am strongly against extreme censorship since it only limits our freedom. Firstly, I would really like to talk about the disadvantages of the most famous type of censorship; censoring media. Through censoring movies you could really miss the key part of the movie. Many people think that by controlling movies it will become safer for younger generations; personally I think this is all just lack of understanding.

I strongly disagree with this because there is a much easier solution which is just to rate movies. The government also censors most news programs which gives them control over our minds and way of thinking. News programs are programs which should bring us the reality behind everything happening around us in our country and in our world. By censoring news programs and just publishing what the government think is appropriate they deprive us from learning the truth about what is really happening all around us.

Although the government might think that what they are doing is the best for our sake, I think that it is all just pure lying to conceal the truth behind what is really happening. The number two most common type of Censorship occurring here in Egypt is Freedom of speech censorship. Egypt is supposed to be a democratic country. In a democratic country the citizen should have all the right to speak out his mind in every way he wishes. This on the other hand never happens here in Egypt. People get arrested for saying the simplest negative things about the president or the government.

Some citizens think that if everyone would have the right to speak out his mind, Egypt will turn into mayhem, those citizens do not know that the only reason behind Egyptians tending to be so aggressive during protest is because they want to speak out their mind but feel that nobody is listening to them. In Britain on the other hand which is enjoying the correct democratic system, citizens have the right to protest as many times as they want. Lately I discovered that nearly 58% of all Brits protest at least once a week.

Although it is very popular in Britain to protest, yet hardly ever anyone gets hurt in the process, this concludes that speaking your mind and feeling that someone is listening to you is actually very rewarding. Finally, I would point out the extreme disadvantages of elections’ censorship, which is also the most harmful type of censorship. In Egypt, again although we are a democratic country, citizens are deprived from their rights to vote. Even though citizens do go and vote yet it is up to the government to secretly decide who is going to win these elections.

By knowing that the president has been ruling Egypt for 29 years till now, one should realize that something wrong is happening. During the last elections a contestant (called Ayman Nour) was actually so close to becoming the president himself, consequently, he was suddenly locked up in jail for mysterious reasons and has not been released till this day. If the government actually believes that by doing this they are aiding all citizens, then we need to tell them that we do not need their aid. They are depriving us from a right many people before us have fought and died for.

The president should be from the people and most importantly for the people, so as soon as the people feel this president is not good enough anymore he should be replaced. out and asking or even fighting for o After pointing out all these major disadvantages of censorship, I strongly hope we can start speaking u. r rights which are actually ours. Until today we are just hiding in the dark corners where all troubles fester and are just waiting for someone to fulfill our wishes. If we stay this way, these wishes will slowly turn into dreams and then finally into memories.

All these types of censorship are just a few, censorship is all around us, and if we do not do something about it very soon it will only be worse. In my opinion we should always aim to be better, and if we can’t do that by our own plans, we should imitate other leading democratic countries. My only hope is to turn Egypt into a better place sometime, and by reducing censorship we will be improved by miles. Step by step we could change Egypt into a leading democratic, excessive-censorship free country.


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