climate change a case study

Address & family: Jannatul lives in a single room in the slum of khilkhet with his family of three.

His father died and he lives with his mother and a brother. He has one sister who works as a domestic help in a family who provide her food and clothes but does not give any salary.Occupation: Janantul is a rickshaw puller. He pulls rickshaw inside Baridhara DOHS area.

Impact on Working hour & Income: Jannatul generally works for 12 hours i.e. from 8.00 am to 8.

00 pm. at night. He has to give the owner of the rickshaw Tk 80 everyday. He earns about Tk 350 normally if the weather is fine.

However, change of weather affects his income as less people are at the street if there is more heat. Then his income faces a slump and his working hour increases. On the other hand, initially continues rain or depression is good for him as he gets a higher fare and tips from the passengers. But again he falls sick for being drenched in rain and thus cannot work for next one or two days.

So again the income goes down.Health Hazard & Expenditure: Jannatul feels that in Dhaka city heat is increasing day by day. He suffers from sweating as he pulls rickshaw which is very hard physical task for a twelve-year-old. He bears the direct heat of the sun.

He feels week and his entire body aches. “I don’t feel like stand up and pull the rickshaw if I sit once under a shed,” said Jannatul. “The sweat enters my eyes and it burns like anything,” he added. He said his expense goes up as he cannot but buy cold water to drink and soothe himself.

It costs 1 tk for a glass of cold water, he said. Jannatul’s expenses also increase in other way during hot weather. He believes tyre of his rickshaw burst more or gets leaked during heat and he has to pay for that.Problem on Drinking water & Sanitation: It is very hard for Jannatul to ensure safe drinking water as he works on the street through out the day.

He drinks the water whatever he gets in the wayside restaurants. Regarding sanitation, the slum where he lives does not have proper toilets. The temporary toilets are always difficult to use in different weather like rain, flood and storm.Poor Status in Family and Community: He runs his family with his own earning.

“I have never seen my father and I worked from the time I can remember,” Jannatul said. He is smart enough to keep a savings of Tk 400 at home to meet any emergency like road accidents or sickness. But he have to spent of all those money when his earning come down due to divers and changing climate. So weather and change of climate is now a factor for his sooth fileHampering Education: Jannatul never had a chance to go to school and even now he cannot go as he has to work for earning his living.

No scope for Entertainment: Jannatul loves to spend time with friends and if he has money, he goes to movie theatre. But recently due to change of climate and excessive price hike it is impossible for him to spend money for his entertainment like watching movie because his regular earning is not stable.


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