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Topic: Cloud Security
Overview: The diagram below illustrates interaction between two cloud service consumers (A and B) and two virtual servers (A and B) hosted on a cloud.
Need to cover these 3 Questions:

The three potential types of attacks. Describe three types of Attacks that could potentially be carried out if any of the programs outside of the cloud were malicious.
Justification of the potential threat(s) from each proposed attack. Summarize the potential threat that each type of attack poses to the consumer organizations.
The potential causes: Summarize the potential cause(s) of each type of attack and relate it back to the threat.


Need minimum 1000 words (Please refer the Diagram in uploaded Document)

Abstract – 150 words
Question 1 – 250 words
Question 2 – 250 words
Question 3 – 250 words
Conclusion – 150 words

Need 5 APA References (Use 2015 and above)
Need Appendices if Applicable.
No plagiarism please

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