Describe some of the factors that need to be considered in the needs assessment.

Topic: Informatics needs assessment
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Note. The goal of this assignment is to develop a process for a needs assessment in nursing. You are not required to complete the needs assessment.
Consider the following scenario:
The health care system you work for has decided to change from a manual documentation system to a new electronic health record (EHR) system. Nurses are being asked for their input to help the organization select the most appropriate product.
Write a paper describing how a needs assessment could provide relevant feedback to leadership. Address the following:
Explain how and why a needs assessment must be completed before a new EHR may be selected.
Describe some of the factors that need to be considered in the needs assessment.
Explain what data you want to collect and how or where you can access it.
Describe who you would consult and why.
Note. Do not include names; list only professional roles (such as Chief NursTopic: Microsoft Project
Paper details:How to estimate a project (using Microsoft Project)
She want like this project
1. Write a report explaining your approach especially why it was appropriate for this task. (Waterfall SCRUM AGILE whatever is the most appropriate)
2. Draw your PERT diagram identifying the activities predecessors optimistic time most likely time pessimistic time Estimated Time (TE) Duration and Variance. Identify the critical path for your project what are the tasks and how would you crash the project to finish in 4 days instead of 7
You should assign task durations crash duration and cost such items must be clearly identified in your report.
Create a high level project plan in Microsoft Project for this project. Be sure to separate each of the stages of your project create the tasks in such a way that there are predecessors and dependencies assign resources and cost. Have the project already be in progress so you can show earned value on Day 2. Explain clearly your earned value calculations.
Budget $10000ing Officer).


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