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Part 1  

The following companies are is desperate need of Adaptive Leadership (GoPro, Fitbit, Harley Davidson, Campbell’s Soup, Ford, Gm, Sony, American Airlines).  Adaptive Leadership is covered in this week’s reading.  Please choose one of these companies, or another that you may come up with, and describe how you might lead the company using an adaptive approach. Needed by Friday.

Comment on at least one post from one of your classmates. This part of the assignment will be posted on Friday when Part 1 is completed. This part needs to be finished by Sunday

1. Reply to at least 1 of your classmate’s initial posts by Sunday.

2. Any posts deemed inappropriate will be removed by the instructor and will potentially face disciplinary actions.

3. Communicate in complete sentences and paragraphs.

4. Do not post blanket statements such as “I agree” or “Great Job, Johnny”. If you agree or think a post as great, explain your reasoning.

5. Discuss what you find interesting or what you find missing from the posts to which you reply. How does this apply to you, this course, your assignments, etc?

6. List and discuss ideas you are taking away from this post.

  Elijah Allen Shepherd

An adaptive leadership approach for the Ford Company will help people change and adjust to new situations or environments and therefore focuses on the dynamics of mobilizing people to address change. COVID-19 pandemic is an example of a new situation that employees must face.  The change in the work environment from a dealership level had to dramatically change to protect its employees and customers.  Combined, these changes affect marketing, sales, and service. Looking at the systems perspective, as an adaptive leader and “looking on the balcony” I must look at the chain of business from providing service to the customer that walks through the door to the business end of administration and billing and conclude that there is a technical and adaptive dimension to this challenge. When looking at the spread of the coronavirus we can see that it can start at any place in the chain. As an adaptive leader, challenging the employees to understand by providing education on how protective personal equipment (PPE) will help protect them and others from the coronavirus and ways to disinfect their work areas and stay safe.  Also, challenging them how to provide service to the customer and maintain the high quality of care that the company wants, and the customer deserves. As a leader, providing a technical solution by providing the required PPE, plexiglass barriers, signage for social distancing from the customer and between workers, temperature checks and health monitoring of employees allows the employees to do the work they need to and confront this new environment with less distress and fear addresses the biological perspective.  In addition, also providing evidence-based data on the benefits of wearing a mask and social distancing for those employees who are resisting the protocols may resolve any defiance that incorporates the psychotherapy perspective of this approach. The service orientation aspect of adaptive leadership can help those for example that have breathing problems and can not wear a mask to find alternatives such as a face shield or even a work from home option depending on their position. The employees help with suggestions and ways to make adaptive changes to be successful during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Part 2

Please summarize this week’s reading from Leader within You 2.0 by Maxwell (Chapter 9).  The summary should be at least 500 words.  You may also include possible applications of the material and/or personal experiences related to the material in your summary.  Need by Sunday

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