Discussion Classical and Contemporary Sociological Theory

After reading Chapters  11 and 12 answer the following discussion prompts, citing information using APA citation format. Each prompt should use 275 words in response. Be clear and concise.

Prompt 1: Apply exchange theory and rational choice theory to human behavior during a societal crisis, such as the COVID-19 crisis in the United States in 2020. Using these theories, consider these questions: Why do people risk their health to help others? Why do people disobey official orders? What other questions come to mind?

Prompt 2: In Goffmans theory of dramaturgy, are concepts such as front and backstage metaphorical or physical spaces? Can a person have a complete self without access to these locations? For example, is a homeless person deprived of a backstage? Is a recluse deprived of a front? Do such people experience an incomplete selfhood?

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