I’m working on a religion writing question and need an explanation to help me st

I’m working on a religion writing question and need an explanation to help me study.Topic: Explain the history, beliefs, and practices of one religion not covered in this course, including any New Religious Movement; (choose from the below lists) Choose one religion to type on a New Religious Movement, such as Wicca, Scientology, Baha’i, Rastafarianism, Theosophy, Jehovah’s Witnesses, or Cao Dai, you must use at least three sources for your paper; you may use three Internet sites, or three books, or any combination of Internet and book sources. For Internet sites, be sure that the sites are academic or produced as an official site for the religion. Do not use Internet sites that are against the religious movement you have chosen.Grading: The substance as well as the manner of organization and expression of the information and ideas will be evaluated. In other words, the content as well as the style and grammar of the paper will be graded. To encourage each student to advance his/her writing competence, the assessment of all papers will include suggestions for improvement.***You must identify all sources you use for your paper. All direct quotations must be placed in quotation marks and properly referenced. All paraphrases must be properly referenced. It is expected that all papers will contain citations.If your paper is not referenced properly (but no sentences are plagiarized word-for-word) it will be returned to you and you will have one week to resubmit the paper for a maximum grade of “C” on the paper. If some or all of your paper is plagiarized word-for-word, you will receive a zero on the assignment, without the possibility to resubmit the work and the Academic Dean will be notified; (see “Policy on Academic Dishonesty” on Syllabus.)In the following examples, in-text parenthetical references are used; you can use footnotes or endnotes instead.E-TEXTBOOK CITATIONIf you are quoting or paraphrasing from our course e-textbook, I recommended citing the author’s name, the section title, and page number.Paraphrase Example: As he grew, Confucius received the educational training accorded to children of noble status (Eller, Life of Confucius, 2).Quotation Example: “Confucius was given an education proper to the family’s noble heritage” (Eller, Life of Confucius, 2).Bibliography Example: Eller, Cynthia. Revealing World Religions 4.2 E-book. Orange, NJ: Thinking Strings, 2013.BOOK CITATIONIf you are quoting or paraphrasing a book, cite author and page in your text, and provide a full reference at the end of your paper. You must provide full references at the end of your paper to all sources you use.Paraphrase Example: Ancient Chinese beliefs influenced the development of Confucianism (Molloy, 209).Quotation Example:“Early Chinese belief was a blend of several elements” (Molloy, 209).Bibliography Example: Molloy, Michael. Experiencing the World’s Religions. Boston: McGraw-Hill, third edition, 2005.INTERNET CITATIONIf you use Internet sources, be sure to give the full Internet address at the end of your paper. For your in-text reference use a short name (no page number). Quotation Example: Wicca is a “neopagan, earth-centered religion” (Robinson, Wicca: Neopagan).Paraphrase Example: The roots of modern-day Wicca extend back to 800 BCE (Robinson, Wicca: Introduction).Bibliography Example:Robinson, Bruce. “Wicca: A Neopagan Earth-Centered Religion.” Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance. http://www.religioustolerance.org/witchcra.htmRobinson, Bruce. “Wicca: An Introduction.” Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance. http://www.religioustolerance.org/wic_intr.htmIn general, try to follow MLA or APA format.–Even if you write your paper using information you learned in the past, you must cite your sources. For example, if you write a paper on Rastafarianism and you remember learning that Rastafarians developed Reggie music, you must find and cite a source to substantiate this fact.–Most papers will contain many citations (but don’t submit a paper that is simply a string of quotations).he paper should be three-four typed pages (double spaced, or 1.5 spacing). Limited research is required.
Requirements: 3-4 pages doubled space   |   .doc file

The post I’m working on a religion writing question and need an explanation to help me st appeared first on nursing writers.


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The post I’m working on a religion writing question and need an explanation to help me st first appeared on nursing writers.



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