one journal and one response 2

Readings (Art in Theory)

Barbara Kruger1041-1042

Jackson Pollock 570-571

Henri Matisse 69-75

Profile: An Interview with David Lebe, Part 1 and 2, and

Video: Susan Rothenberg, Memory:

Readings/Video response: What key issues in these readings/video do you agree or disagree with? Explain why. Select a writing/video from our list that may relate to the methods and materials that you use to make art. In your journal discuss the methods or materials. If you don’t relate to any method or material, then discuss your methods of making artwork or materials you use to make artwork. Why do you choose to use this method? Is your method unique to you? Why do you choose to use certain materials? Is the process of making art an integral part of the finished artwork for you?

Studio Journal Writings

Your Thought Process

a. Look through your studio journal entries. Then sit quietly and focus as intently as you can on what you have been thinking, feeling and producing in your studio since the semester began. What thoughts come to you as you are making your art? Jot down any thought in fast note form when it seems right to start writing. Alternate between thinking and writing, until you put all the thoughts that seem relevant down on paper.

Your Creative Process

b. Review your studio journal writings since the beginning of the semester. Create a bullet point list of the incidences that reference your creative process to share in class next week. Also we’ll discuss these questions too: Have you gained any insights into your creative process? Can you describe your creative process from pre-concept to finished artwork? In other words, how do you develop an artwork?

c. From the above writings (aand b) summarize your thought and creative process into one or two paragraphs.


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