Review Figure 6.1, “Confidence in Congress.” Why do you believe Congress receive

Review Figure 6.1, “Confidence in Congress.” Why do you believe Congress receive.

Review Figure 6.1, “Confidence in Congress.” Why do you believe Congress receives such a low confidence rating?Congress is the branch of the US Government that ensures that representation of the people through the direct election of members of the House and, in more recent times, of members of Senate as well. Through its 535 members, Congress provides representation of many groups throughout the county, such as women, African Americans, Native Americans, gays and lesbians, the physically disabled, and Hispanics. (Kenneth Dautrich, 2016) After reviewing Figure 6.1 Confidence in Congress, I am not surprised by the overall rating. I believe that the American people have lost confidence in Congress due to the lack of trust within the system. Based off of Gallup’s Poll, Americans believe that Congress is corrupt, only interested in pushing their own agenda, and out of touch with the needs of the people.Members of congress are viewed as corrupt because they appear to put their own bias and wants in front of the needs of the people. The 2015 polls show that 47% of the American population say their own member of Congress is focused on special interests instead of constituents’ needs. (Dugan, 2015) However, Americans do not see the battles Congress members have to fight, whether it is in support of the state they represent or the party they represent.According to Andrew Dugan, Americans appear to have little faith in most lawmakers to do the right thing. Majorities believe that most members of Congress are “out of touch with average Americans.” (Dugan, 2015) Sometimes congress shows enthusiasm attacking the large issues quickly like the USA Patriot Act was passed within days of the 11 September attacks. However, consensus shows that Americans lose faith and confidence when it comes to congress taking care of daily issues such as finance reform, and abortion rights. Those are just a few of the continuous issues that Americans see get pushed to the side.Americans want to see results and action being taken. Americans do not realize the complexity of each situation. Compromise is necessary to approve laws within Congress. Today Congress does not have a party in dominate control in either the House of Representatives or the Senate, it truly is a slow and deliberate process. Americans are in an era where they want things now, which reflect the poor ratings of Congress. Americans do forget that their own leader’s that they elect have “tribes” that they belong to as well. (Asghar, 2013) Americans are very forgiving when it comes to their own representative compared to the Congress as a whole. Gallup showed voters re-elect most members of Congress in almost every election. (Asghar, 2013)Congress is entrusted with a lot of responsibilities. If Americans are not happy with their actions, Americans need to go out there and take care of it themselves and vote. Americans have the freedom to vote and if they want change, they have to pursue it. Americans are blessed with the opportunity to vote and need to take care of it seriously if they are unhappy with the results.write why you agree with a minmimum of a two hundred word response.

Review Figure 6.1, “Confidence in Congress.” Why do you believe Congress receive


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