[SOLVED] Biopsychosocial analysis of attitudes on immigrants in the USA

Biopsychosocial analysis of attitudes on immigrants in the USA

Using the biopsychosocial model analyze negative attitudes on immigration in the united states
discussing from the universal level like the US gov to the biological level including white conservatives dislike for immigrants.
4 Peer-reviewed articles

For the research paper, you will select a phenomenon (e.g., a social issue or problem), analyze it using a
psychological theory or concept, and offer recommendations or insights based on your analysis. The
outline of the paper is as follows:
Section I: Phenomenon
• Describe the phenomenon (i.e., the subject of your analysis).
• Base your description on sources, including peer-reviewed journal articles.
Section II: Analytical Lens
• Select a suitable theory or concept for analyzing (breaking down) the phenomenon to provide a
better understanding of it.
• Find a representative research article to base your descriptions on.
Section III: Analysis
• Theories and concepts are comprised of several components—you will analyze the phenomenon
in terms of each component. (If providing sufficient detail, likely each component will be
addressed in a separate paragraph.)
• For each paragraph, provide a topic sentence clearly identifying its subject and focus and develop
the content by including specific supporting details to back up your claims.
Section IV: Recommendations
• Provide a brief summary of the first three sections of the paper—no more than a few sentences.
• Provide final recommendations for addressing problems and/or new insights for understanding
the phenomenon.
• It will be most useful/effective if you provide recommendations/insights in a context. If the
phenomenon you select does not have a specific context, choose one to focus on.
• Develop the content of this section sufficiently so that you demonstrate your ability to synthesize
the information from the preceding sections of the paper.
For example, if you were to write about the phenomenon of LGBTQ identity development, you could use
the racial/cultural identity development model to analyze a person’s development of a gay identity, and
then make recommendations for how a university or college could best support LGBTQ individuals:
Section III:
Analysis Subsection #1:
Analysis Subsection #2:
Dissonance & Appreciation
Analysis Subsection #3:
Resistance & Immersion
Analysis Subsection #4:
Analysis Subsection #5:
Integrative Awareness
Section II:
Analytical Tool
Analytical Tool:
Cultural Identity Development Model
Section I:
LGBTQ Identity Development (ID)
Section IV:
Based on analysis of LGBTQ ID
Cultural Psychology—Research Paper: Guidelines
Page 2 of 3 2/18/18
The research paper contributes to 25% of your Final Course Score. The final draft is to be 6-8 pages,
formatted using APA style. Passing grades are C- (70%), C (73%), C+ (77%), B- (80), B (83%), B+ (87%),
A- (90%), A (93%), and A+ (100%). Scoring is based on the assignment requirements as well as on the
following five categories from the Writing Rubric Checklist (WRC) (available on Blackboard): structure,
content, language, special sections, and revision.
To earn credit, drafts of the research reports are to be both timely and proper. Note the following
regarding timely drafts:
• To be considered timely, a draft must be submitted to Turnitin.com prior to its deadline.
• It is your responsibility to verify that your submission uploaded successfully.
• As soon as you encounter trouble submitting a draft, email a copy of the draft to me along with a
brief description of the problem you encountered.
A proper draft meets the following criteria:
• Is complete (includes all required content/sections).
• Treats the same topic as previous drafts (the topic may not be changed).
• Progresses logically from preceding drafts.
• Is different from preceding drafts (not the same or essentially the same).
• Is original (not used previously for another course).
NOTE: If any drafts are not timely or proper, the final draft is subject to a point reduction or a failing mark,
at my discretion.
Final Draft Template
The final draft will include a title page, abstract, and references page. Format your research paper using
APA formatting style:
• The first page is a title page with title, author name, and institution name.
• A running head comprised of the text “Running head:” followed by a shortened title that is in ALL
CAPS is left-aligned in the header of the title page. Subsequent pages have the shortened title in
ALL CAPS not preceded by any text.
• A page number on each page, including the title page, which is page one, is right-aligned in the
• Except for the introduction section, each section of the paper will be indicated using a header
(e.g., Abstract, Analysis, Recommendations, References).
• The second page is the abstract with “Abstract” is typed in plain text and centered on the first line
of the page. Abstracts are packed with information to allow the reader to quickly comprehend the
content of a paper; your abstract is to be a single paragraph of no more than 250 words.
• The full title is centered at the top of the third page using plain text.
• Text is formatted in 12-point font and Times New Roman type.
• 1-inch margins all around.
• All text is double-spaced.
• The last page is a references page, starting on a new page with the header “References”
centered at the top of the page using plain text.
o List all articles cited in the paper (if not cited, do not list, even if you have read them).
o List references alphabetically by last name of primary author (first author listed in article).
o Use a hanging indent and double spacing.
o For each reference, list the following in the following order: the author(s), the year, the
title, the journal name, volume, issue, pages, digital object identified (doi). Italicize the
journal name and volume number.


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