[SOLVED] Gibb’s model of reflection and the Cultural assessment tool

Using the  Gibb’s model of reflection and the Cultural assessment tool “ABCD”, discuss your own Attitude, Beliefs/ values, in Context of this subject.

  1. Reflect on your assumptions and how this impacted on your decision making, when interacting with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people before commencing this subject.
  2. Now review and analyse this subject and state how your decision making has been changed by doing this subject.
  3. In conclusion how will this impact on your future nursing practice for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people, embedding the Graduate Attributes and the RN standards, UTS Indigenous Graduate Attributes into your reflective essay 4. Using current Literature to support all your reflection and discussion.


Use only peer reviewed articles (less than 5 years)


The headings here are simply a guide DO NOT USE THEM IN THE BODY OF THE ESSAY

Introduction: Outlines key Issues

  • 1-2 sentences introducing discussion (which you discuss in the body of essay) about pre-class assumptions
  • 1-2 sentences introducing your discussion (which you discuss in the body of essay) about the changes to your decision making since undertaking the subject
  • 1-2 sentences future impact (using grad attributes RN standards Indigenous Attributes) decision making when caring for Indigenous Populations


(Section one of the essay)

Discuss your assumptions of what you thought about your abilities skill and knowledge when providing nursing care for Indigenous Peoples.

Did you feel equipped and knowledgeable WHY or not WHY NOT

Discuss your feelings about the assumptions you have stated above. How did you feel? Why did you feel that why?

(Section Two of the essay)



  • Describe in detail the event you are reflecting on.
  • What happened; where were you; who else was there; why were you there; what were you doing; what were other people doing; what was your part in the event; what parts did other people play in the event; what was the result?

Discuss the key learning events from CIHWB for you that were significant to your learning. Discuss this in terms of how this challenged your pre-class assumptions and decision making process

Here you need to provide some context for the essay such as commenced CIHWB summer session what happened (briefly) i.e. we participated in lots of activities that challenged our thinking


  • What were you thinking and feeling?
  • Try to recall and explore the things that were going on inside your head.
  • How were you feeling when the event started; what were you thinking about at the time; how did the event make you feel; how did other people make you feel; how did you feel about the outcome of the event; what do you feel/think about the event now?

How did you feel about the key events?

Why did you feel that way?

What impact has this had towards your decision making and assumptions

Here you should discuss how you felt about your pre-class assumptions and key events or activities that had a positive or challenging impact on your learning in terms of caring for Indigenous Australians



  • What was good and bad about the experience?
  • Evaluate and make a judgment about what has happened.
  • What was good about the experience/event; what was bad about the experience/event; what didn’t go so well; what did you and other people do to contribute to the situation (positively or negatively)?

In what way did the significant learning events assist you to develop your deeper understanding

How did this challenge your decision making and assumptions about providing nursing care for Indigenous People?

Here you should discuss how why felt the way you did, and how this has impacted on your learning in terms of caring for Indigenous Australians How this subject challenged you



  • What sense can you make of the situation?
  • Break the event down into its components.
  • Explore the various components.
  • Look back and ask more questions about previous answers like: What went well; what did you do well; what did others do well; what went wrong; what didn’t turn out the way it was supposed to; who and what contributed to how things turned out?

Discuss your understanding of the importance of the decision-making process. Analyse your thoughts and then refer to the reflective practice literature (eg Benner Novice to Expert) does it support your statements? Does the literature state something different?

(Section Three of the essay)



  • What else could you have done?
  • Having worked through the different stages you now have more information to base your judgment on.
  • What insights have you gained by working through the cycle; what have you learnt from the experience; what could you have done differently; what skills do you need to develop, so that you can handle this type of situation better; how could this have been a more positive experience for everyone involved?

Summary of your what you learned and how this will inform what you would do differently next time


Action plan

  • If it arose again, what would you do?
  • What would you do; would you do things differently; would you do things the same way; what actions do you need to take?

Discuss here what you would do differently next time and how you will incorporate the RN Standards and UTS Graduate attributes and Indigenous Graduate attributes into your nursing decision making practices.

For example the RN standards state that communication is an important skill (STANDARD xx), this will influence my future practice by XXX

(Conclusion of essay)

Summary of your decision making before class and summary statement about the changes that have occurred during class à in terms of decision making and challenging assumptions. Statement about attributes and standards and your nursing practice.


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