[SOLVED] how is the concept of nutrition related to the need to monitor the glucose?

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11. You are providing care for the newborn when T.N. asks why it is necessary to perform glucose checks on the newborn. What will you tell her?

Glucose is essential to the development of children as it supplies energy for growth and performs the routine activities (Paediatr Child Health 1). In some cases, glucose levels may fall below or above specified levels leading to the baby becoming unwell. Therefore, in the scenario given, there are various reasons why the glucose level of a newborn baby should be checked.

First, it is good for T.N. to know that for the first few hours of life, blood glucose level of an infant fall to a low point due to the source of maternal glucose is removed (Ricci, 2012). According to the book Maternity and Pediatric Nursing, 2nd edition, most newborns experience transient hypoglycemia and are asymptomatic. If hypoglycemia is prolonged or is left untreated, severe, long-term adverse neurologic sequelae such as learning disabilities and intellectual disabilities can occur (pg. 604).

Second, low glucose levels are dangerous in infants especially if the condition lasts for hours (Caring Kids 1). If the baby suffers sickness due to this condition, lack of appropriate measures in the next few hours may lead to development problems. Precisely, the child may have stunted growth. Checking the glucose levels may prevent such potential abnormality as the necessary actions such as extra feeding can be taken.

Third, checking the infant’s glucose levels helps one to understand the conditions of the child better. This awareness will lead to better child care as the parents become confident that they are aware of what the child is undergoing (Brown et al… 8). It also brings the feeling of being in control of the child’s health leading to better decisions.

Fourth, the body of an infant must take over metabolic functions right after birth. The essential nutrient for this purpose is the glucose which also acts as the fuel for muscles. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the glucose levels are at the normal points to prevent malfunctioning of the body systems (Brown et al… 4). Infants delivered through surgical operations such as mid-line episiotomy have a higher likelihood of experiencing abnormal glucose levels which necessitates the regular checking. Since T.N. had a mid-line episiotomy, we can assume that the infant is larger than gestational age, or a birth trauma happened. But let us assume that the infant is larger than normal gestational age., Infants who are born to mothers with diabetes are often larger than other babies. Larger infants make vaginal birth harder (MedlinePlus, 2015), so a mid-line episiotomy is required.

Fifth, infants, especially if they are unwell, may have low insulin which controls glucose levels (ModernMom 1). This inadequacy leads to increased glucose. Where the glucose levels of the infant are high, and this condition is not detected and altered early enough, the child may develop neonatal hyperglycemia which is not apparent to note a few moments after birth. If the conditions are not diagnosed and treated on time, it may lead to complications such as kidney damage, higher vulnerability to type II diabetes, nerve damage and heart problems. Checking of the glucose level may lead to the detection of such condition followed by treatment by insulin therapy.

Lastly, infants are particularly prone to glucose levels fluctuations primarily because their bodies have not developed stable mechanisms for regulating it. Additionally, effects of diabetes in infant’s mother may be transferred to the newborn. Since the infant requires a constant supply of glucose for growth and metabolism, persons responsible for the infant care must be keen to detect the abnormally low glucose levels so that supplemental sugar can be administered to bring back the sugar levels to the recommended points (DoveMed 1). This timely response also prevents the adverse effects that would be caused by prolonged low blood levels such brain damage and abnormally slow growth.

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