[SOLVED] Who are the stakeholders or the people affected by the issue or concern?


ALL headings should be Level One Headings

Each Paragraph should be indented

EACH heading should be from the rubric.

I am attaching a rubric at the end of this paper. the headings that you should present in the paper and you should ANSWER each section of the rubric under that heading.

Introduction 30 The introduction for this paper includes:

A nursing theory is required; non-nursing theories may not be used.

General statements on the idea of nursing theory being applied to solve problems/issues in nursing practice.

A one-paragraph summary of the selected specific nursing theory is required.

Information identifying the sections of this assignment.

References from nursing literature are required.

Description of Issue or Concern 80 The selected issue or concern must be clearly identified as being as being significant to the professional area of leadership, education, informatics, healthcare policy or nurse practitioner. The issue or concern must be presented comprehensively, but concisely by answering each of the following questions.

· What is the specific issue or concern being presented?

· Why should the nursing profession care about this issue or concern?

· What does the nursing literature have to say about this issue or concern including its frequency of occurrence?

· Who are the stakeholders or the people affected by the issue or concern?

References from nursing literature are required

Application of Selected Nursing Theory to Issue or Concern 90 This section of the assignment focuses on using the selected nursing theory to resolve the described issue or concern. Required information includes:

· Restating the selected nursing theory to be used

· Identification of one strategy useful in resolving the identified issue or concern.

· The strategy should be presented in depth with the following information being required:

· A specific description of how the selected nursing theory can help to resolve the issue or concern

· A specific and detailed description of the strategy to be used

· A specific and detailed description of how the strategy can be implemented

· A specific and detailed description of one suggestion for future research into either the selected nursing theory or selected issue or concern.

References from nursing literature are required.

Conclusion 30 This section provides a summary or review of the key elements of the assignment including the selected nursing theory and its application to the issue or concern.

The concluding statements include self-reflection on the new knowledge gained about applying nursing theory to a professional issue or concern.

Paper Requirements 10 A nursing theory must be used.

Paper meets length requirements of 6 to 8 pages

Minimum of 6 scholarly nursing references

A dictionary, required textbooks for this course and Chamberlain College of Nursing lesson information, may NOT be used as scholarly references for this assignment.

References are current – within a 5-year time frame unless a valid rationale is provided and the instructor has approved them. You have employed resources more mature than 5 years without approval from instructor.

APA Format 15 Title page, running head, body of paper, and reference page must follow APA guidelines as found in the 6th edition of the manual. This includes the use of headings for each section or topic of the paper.


Citations in Text 10 Ideas and information that come from readings must be cited and referenced correctly.
Writing Mechanics 10 Rules of grammar, spelling, word usage, and punctuation are followed and consistent with formal written work as found in the 6th edition of the APA manual. Similarity Index MISSING
Total  275


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