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This sign was posted when I went to Snappy Salads this week.
Submit a picture of a graph depicting the supply shift in the market for Grilled Avocado Salads with the change in equilibrium price and quantity clearly shown on the graph.
To receive full credit:
1. You must submit picture – embedded in your submission – not as an attachment. It is fine to hand draw your graph and label it and then submit a photo of the graph. You don’t need to find a scanner as long as I can read your graph.
2. Above your Graph you should write “Market for Grilled Avocado Salads”
3. You should clearly label using S1 and S2 or an arrow to indicate the direction of the shift on the graph.
4.You should have your vertical axis labeled Price and your horizontal axis labeled quantity. You should also draw an arrow indicating if price increased or decreased and an arrow indicating if quantity of salads sold would increase or decrease after the shift.
5. Under your graph you should write: The category of the supply shift was ________________. (Fill in the blank with the appropriate shifter from the list of supply shifters in the notes. )
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