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capstone:transition     1. A nurse is reinforcing teaching about food choices with the mother of an 8- month-old infant. Which of the following statements by the mother indicates a need for further teaching? a. I will give my child applesauce and green peas. b. I will give my child pureed liver and strained peas. […]

Maternal Child Nursing Care

Maternal Child Nursing Care   1. The two primary functions of the ovaries are: a. normal female development and sex hormone release. b. ovulation and internal pelvic support. c. sexual response and ovulation. d. ovulation and hormone production. ANS: D The two functions of the ovaries are ovulation and hormone production. The presence of ovaries […]

nursing Process review

 nursing Process   1.A client comes in a clinic with reports of abdominal pain and diarrhea. While taking the client’s vital signs, the nurse is implementing which phase of the nursing process? a) Assessment b) Diagnosis c) Planning d) Implementation 2. The nurse is measuring the client’s urine output and straining the urine to assess […]

Culture  Test

Culture  Test Accommodation pp.75 oNurse supports and facilitates the use of cultural practices oIe; Home burial of the placenta oIf the pt has something weird they believe in the nurse should support them as long as it doesn’t harm or put anyone in danger oEx: nurse helps Chinese man manage HTN by suggesting to use […]

Inborn Error of Metabolism 

  Inborn Error of Metabolism   IEM Disorders Key Findings IEM: High Ammonia, Metabolic Acidosis, Hypoglycemia S/S: Lethargy, poor feeding, vomiting, respiratory distress, jaundice, seizure, coma (hyper ammonia), CHF, hypotonia Workup: blood gas, CMP (anion gap high), glucose, lactate, Ammonia Emergency Management: correct hypotension, NPO + Dextrose maintenance x 1.5, correct hypoglycemia, correct metabolic acidosis, […]

ATI Comprehensive Practice

ATI Comprehensive Practice    1.A nurse is providing teaching about improving nutrition for a client who has multiple sclerosis which of the following instructions should the nurse include 2.a speech pathologist will be performing a swallowing study for you, you should rest before eating a meal, thicken your beverage before drinking 3.In RN is planning […]

fundamentals  of nursing

fundamentals  of nursing     1. Which nurse most likely kept records on sanitation techniques and the effects on health? a. Florence Nightingale b. Mary Nutting c. Clara Barton d. Lillian Wald ANS: A Nightingale was the first practicing nurse epidemiologist. Her statistical analyses connected poor sanitation with cholera and dysentery. Mary Nutting, Clara Barton, […]