us history 3 8

How Did a Particular Historical Event Affect American Society?

For this project, you will write a research paper on a specific historical event and its importance to American citizens. Your paper will answer the question: Why should new American citizens learn about this event?

This portfolio is spread across four units. In Unit 1, you chose your resources, compiled a works cited page, and conducted your research. In Unit 2, you wrote an outline and identified topics and subtopics for your research paper. In this part of the portfolio project, you will write a thesis statement and the rough draft of your essay. In Unit 4, you will write the final draft of your essay.

Your Unit 3, Part 4 portfolio assessment has three steps:

  1. Crafting a thesis statement
  2. Writing a rough draft
  3. Revising your rough draft

Your essay will need to contain the following:

  • An introductory paragraph that answers the following question: Why should new American citizens learn about this event?
  • 2–3 paragraphs of background information about the event that puts it into historical context
  • 2–3 paragraphs that draw conclusions about why this event is important for new citizens to learn about. These paragraphs should include specific examples.
  • A concluding paragraph that summarizes the main points of the paper


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