You need to write critique in APA format in any of the bellow article.


You will be writing  critiqué on  article from list below. The articles below have been selected as appropriate for your knowledge level. You are NOT permitted to use your own articles for this assignment, and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are you permitted use Wikipedia as resources for this paper. All resource that you choose to cite MUST be from peer reviewed journals or of similar quality. If you are determined to have done either for any assignment in this class, you will receive an automatic zero (Ø) on the relevant assignment.

Please select ONE article and write your assignment based on that article

  Article Links:

Alibi Believeability – The Impact of Salacious Alibi Activities.pdf

Addressing Sexual and Relationship Violence in the LGBT Community Using a Bystander Framework.pdf

False Confessions – Causes, Consequences, and Implications for Reform.pdf

Predicting Officer Physical Assaults at Domestic Assault Calls.pdf

The emotional male victim – Effects of presentation mode on judged credibility.pdf

The Kitty Genovese Murder and the Social Psychology of Helping.pdf

Violence and imitation.pdf


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